The joy of waking up late.

Once in a blue moon I get to enjoy the joy of waking up late. By late I mean post 9 or 10 am. I’m usually up by 5:30 to 6 AM or woken up before 7 AM. You would wonder what the joy of waking up late and being in a sleep haze or distorted surroundings are.

Well for starters, nothing wakes you up. Not the alarm, not a single person and surely not the sunlight if you sleep in a dark room or just have thick curtains like me. (NOPE. I just had once converted my window into a bookshelf because my cupboards were full.)

Having a lazy beginning is not usually idea but, this lazy day lets me read novel for hours together without leaving the comfortable space that I made since several hours. The bed is warm, and the fan blows cool air to stop me from sweating. Add on my reading glasses and I’m good to go for a few hours until brunch/lunch.

Third reason being a late breakfast or a brunch. There is piping hot and yummy food ready if some one preps it up.

Post lunch the huge titanium wall of realisation hits me. Damn! Half of the day is over and I have a quite a few things to do. The pressure of the hour stops me from procrastinating on the internet and get to work. Whats good about this you ask? I get my job done and make sure that it does not pile up in my do-it-ASAP pile. What’s not to love about work that is completed?

The splurge of energy paired without a coffee can let me work through out the day for a few hours post midnight or even more without feeling drowsy. But here comes the cons after the oh so exhaustive list of the pros. What is this only con?


Because right at 11 I realise tomorrow is a working day and the fact that I have to show up to classes in order to get the attendance and learn information. I could convert this to a pro stating and concluding that this will even make sure I sleep om time to wake up before 6 AM the next day. Just because this last one is a pseudo-pro. This solely depends on the ability of my realisation to make sure it flashes in my brain and makes sure I realise it.

Signing off,



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