The truth about an extra/ free Screen-guard


We walked into the nearest croma store (a chain of stores) and getting my first ever “smart phone”. Along with that came the mandatory screen guard pack was bought by mommy dearest fearing I’d put it in my bag that has pens and other possibly pointy objects that would pierce through the not so delicate gorilla glass. It was indeed a little fishy that the pack and the sales man said there were two screen guards. I went for the one with matte finish ( Trust me. This point is mandatory).


The guard was much relatively used and I took it onto myself to change it and let’s say there was just one tiny little bubble. The only little thing its presence did was hypothetically laugh and mock at me for not being able to get a simple task done correctly. Even my own mother who probably wanted to scream ” I told you so!” declared that she could have done the job better. But these were trivial things in comparison to what was about to unravel.

As the number of days on the calendar passed by, so did little layers of the screen come out. My mum just laughed saying I might have gotten tricked. I replied with a “no” and I am correct. how?

Well, a quick search on amazon in search of a new screen guard revealed a tiny little note that shall aid in removing my tainted image of being tricked. It said something in lines of “extra screen guard provided for trial in order to get used/ Contents : 2 Screen-guards”

Let me just say that to escape another joke I might have claimed that I did not have m reading glasses on that day or that the salesman needed one.


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