The abundances and the lack of “Thankyou(s)”

221B Grimmauld Palace,

Baker’s Street,Borough of Isolation

Republic of Solitude – 007

To: ?

I’d write it to the good lord of pleasantries but, I don’t know if he/she exists and if so where.  Hence a letter to anyone who comes across this should suffice. Pass it on and maybe my non existing lord of pleasantries may begin to exist.

I’m often chided or ridiculed for saying my thank-you(s) and sorry(s). Do I over use them? Maybe! But,that’s just to compensate the lows of your actions. Yes, I thank my grandmother/mother or anyone who cooks and serves me food and let them know it was wonderful. Why? Because it was amazing to get food when I was hungry and they didn’t have to serve it to me . And because it’s a difficult job. Hours of standing in front of the stove and it’s tiresome. I realise it after every there I cook or bake something.

Overuse of sorry might lead to the missus or loss of the core meaning of what it stands for. But you’ve got to use your share when you really mean it. Not only when you’re being scolded or in a situation . Let’s imagine a scenario –

Stephen and Richard bump into each other on the road because, Stephen was in a hurry.

Case 1

S: (Yells) Dude watch where you’re going alright? Open those eyes of yours and walk. I’m in a hurry.

R: * Surprised by the turn of 3 and wonders what crime he committed *

Case 2 : What would have happened if their conversation had a sorry or two wedged in.

S : Oh sorry man! I’m in a hurry. Are you alright?

R: It’s alright no worries! Carry on.

See? That’s how simple it can be.

So, Use a sorry or two when you are actually sorry. Don’t misuse it and degrade its sole meaning. Think of how happy the person who cooks or serves you food will be when you drop in a little thank you in there. May it be your mother, father, grandmother, aunt or ever the lunch lady or guy in the canteen.

Yours  sincere user of sorry and thank-you(s),



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