The seedlings of gender bias.

I was by the window of my living room reading the day’s news paper. By the time I was done, there were little water gun welding kids pretending to be the secret service or the police. They also had imaginary walky talkies and bluetooth headsets to go with the ensemble. I expected the screaming to start again. And by the time I made myself some coffee they sure were screaming.

Usually their screaming would have been due to all the games they would play. But not today. They were fighting about what game to play perhaps. I heat one of the boys saying he’d like to play house today. That’s about when I decided to continue hearing on to their conversation. So, A wanted to play house. B just kept quiet and waited to see what C and D had to say in this matter or perhaps he was into the idea but feared the others. C started screaming and said or rather screamed, “NO WAY! It’s something girls play. I’m not an idiot to play house like a girl.” It shocked me for a moment and now, probably pressurised by the situation both B and C voice their opinions by teasing, calling him names and threatening A.

Would they gave agreed to playing a so-called ” girl’s game ” if one of them hadn’t objected? I will never know. But isn’t it all because boy/girl stuff is segregated right from birth in a hospital where they put on a blue/pink bands.

Dear humanity,

The seedlings were sown by those before us. Please, I beg you. Let us cut these toxic weeds and grow useful ones instead.

Yours truly,

In hopes of a wood-cutter or a bulldozer to knock ’em off.


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